Friday, 15 October 2010


Well it is so cold here today I think its coming up to winter woolies and polo neck time.Made a couple of cards, trying to thinkl of Christmas cards but can't get motivated.
Starting to store the wood for fire now, we will need plenty this winter I think it is going to be a cold one.
Made a few cards recently I will put them on now. The first one was for my neighbour, her friends have been married for 60 years.........phew!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then my daughters Birthday card and also my mother-in-laws.

Hope you are all keeping warm, I think it will be chicken stew and dumplings tonight and lovely fresh, hot, crusty bread. I can't wait!!!

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  1. Hi Barbara. Have only just found your Blog. I love your latest cards and MCS is fun to use isn't it?
    I will add my name to your followers and will keep popping back.