Thursday, 18 June 2009

Wiggle card!!!!!

Any offers on how to assemble this little beauty?

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Left over cordial

I had some cordial left over so what I did was put the cordial into one of these preformed bags you can buy that make ice-cubes.
So now I have 3 bags of elderflower cordial ice-cubes that can be popped into a glass of sparkly water when ever I want and it will cool itself.
You may need 4 or 5 cubes but it saves wasting it.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Elderflower Cordial

My favourite summer time drink.

If some one out there has never tried it then make sure you do this summer. Even better make some yourself it is so easy. Here follows a simple tried and tusted recipe. Have fun but mostly enjoy!!!!!


30 heads of elderfower
6 pints of water
2lb sugar
1 packet citric acid
2 oranges
3 lemons


1 rinse of the elderfowers to remove dirt and bugs
2 pour the 6 pints of boiling water over the sugar in a bowl stir to dissolve .
3 Let it cool down then add the sliced up oranges , lemons, citric acid and the elderflowers.
4 Leave in a cool place for 24 hours stirring occasionally.
5 Strain and bottle.

See easy peasy.....go on have a go!!!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Change of subject...embossing

Some of you clever cats out there
might already have done this
but I never had untill I saw it
on create and craft.

Cut out whatever you want as a topper wether it be decoupage, letters or even pyramage ( ends up looking like a pillow! )

Turn over onto the wrong side and place on a foam mat then with a large embossing tool ( I haven't got one so I used the end of a small one ) gently rub all over untill the image curls up. Photo's added will hopefully explain what I am talking about.

Place small foam pads where needed then place your image , or build your decoupage ,or pyramage onto your card or topper.

It is rather fiddly but well worth the effort.

My apologies to those of you who know this tip . happy crafting.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


The shape of the pool is now in. Keith has to go all round to check the levels are even, we don't want a lop sided pool. My job is to make sympathic, encouraging noises ( which I am very capable of ).

My job is also to pick out suitable plants and organize where to put them, in simple words I do the flowery bits Keith does the hard labour.

Good day between showers though all went according to plan.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

What a day...pooltastic!!!!!

Well!!! we have spent all day emptying our fish pond ready to revamp it . Fish are safely tucked away in nursery pool. Now the work begins for Keith my oh. I do hope they appreciate it.

We must have taken out almost a hundred little tiddlers so someone was busy last year!
All fish are looking healthy so we were pleased.
Good job the pool is being extended, hope they don't multiply this much each year. we will have to put them up for adoption.

The picture is the nursery pool.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Suns out!!

Yes its here again..for a little while, hang on think its gone back in again. Seems this is to be the pattern for today I'm not grumbling atleast the rain has back later.
This is just to remind us what we are looking for!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

It's now or never

Thought I would have a go at this blog malarchy seemed easy to set up but now I've got to fill it with what I do not know .

I will probably put some craft tips on and generally ramble away till my hearts content.

Well atleast I've started!!